Monday, 27 October 2008

I have finished the poncho. I am really happy with this :o)

I am possitive that the little girl this is for will adore it. :o)

It's been a hectic weekend. I finished the poncho. Managed to write the pattern for the dog coats for the loom. Infact any loom with any yarn you like :o). I am just testing the pattern then will be posting it for those who may want it :o). I have also managed to make a wash mitt with some wonderful yarn a very good friend sent to me along with my new loom:o). She is a wonderful lady and been very very helpful to me the last few weeks. I will post picture of my new loom and the wash mitt when i get a chance :o)

Hope you are feeling better soon Helen :o)

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blueb3ll said...

It looks absolutely lovely. Well done.