Wednesday, 8 October 2008

frilly dress lol

A close up frilly dress. I know I'm evil lol


Claudette said...

I love all your little coats and sweaters :>) Where do you find the patterns, or do you make the patterns.

Brenda Stratton said...

Very nice work. I love all the little coats. And your babies are adorable! :)


Juz said...

Hi Claudette

The patterns for the crochet coats are compleatley from my head. How ever if you are a loom knitter i do have a pattern for free that i made. Just e-mail me at and i will send you a pdf of the pattern :o)

Juz said...

Hi Brenda

All i can say is my babies are my world. My mum thinks i have gone too far in making them for the pooches. I say baaaaa they look awesome and fasionable lol.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :o)